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Bone Flatware

Ever since the first time we laid eyes on this table setting be Jennifer and Omer of Pura Vida, we’ve been obsessed. So, forget fancy dinner table settings because this couple proved that when it comes to hosting at home, breakfast is the new dinner. Planning by Orange and Rose Events

Breakfast Table Setting Ideas

Jennifer and Omer hosted a breakfast party at their Miami Beach home as featured in Fort Lauderdale Illustrated. This organic-inspired table setting features a textures that are rich in natural materials and shades of green.

Bone Flatware

Remember what your mother told you: Don't judge a book (or a fork, knife, or spoon) by its cover. Our bone flatware  are made perfectly to match any inspiration that you can think of, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. The natural tones of this Bone Flatware are leaving us inspired for some fall table style and a midcentury-modern appeal. Get yours now in our shop!

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