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Anniversary Dinner During Coronavirus

Celebrating your anniversary is the perfect chance to focus on the love that you and your partner share. It's an excellent opportunity to show your beloved how appreciative you are to have them in your life. So, you're probably wondering how to make everything extra special when we're under a global pandemic?

In this article, we're showing you an awesome tabletop set up that you can do to make your anniversary dinner extra special. Also, we're giving you tips on how you can celebrate in style at home. 

As restrictions on movement and social distancing keep us from going out, you're probably wondering how you can celebrate anniversaries at home. It can be tricky since you would have to customize and or personalize your set up. If you think about it, this moment can be a memorable and more intimate time since you will be adding your personal touch on everything. 

What you can do is dress up and make it feel like you're having dinner outside. You might be in your own house all day and night, but you'll be surprised how much dressing up can improve your mood. Take off the PJ's and remind yourself how well you dress up.


Set up your table and make it feel like you're having a fancy dinner date. To give you an idea, here's an anniversary dinner that was planned by Bianka Stechker of details and dreams events.


Our gatsby chargers and moon eclipse bread plates were used to match our modern gold flatwares and linens provided by Nuage Designs, giving the entire tabletop setting a luxurious old vibe into it. 

image1 (1).jpeg

So, rather than going out to eat, set up your romantic restaurant-style date at home using the idea that we've given you. I'm pretty sure that he or she will appreciate the effort and will feel loved.

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