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Episode 3 wit Events by Elle

Illustrated By Mike Ellis

On this episode of Love in the Time of Coronavirus, I had the privilege to speak with Elle Becerra, owner of a luxury boutique planning firm named Events by Elle which  specializes in coordination, design, and styling, all by only delivering quality and care. 


Elle will be answering whether there should be changes about your wedding plan after the coronavirus subsides, should you continue planning even when things are closed and how can you let your guests know about the new dates for your wedding. Here's the video transcription of my interview with her:


Question number 1:
Once a couple has decided to postpone their wedding date, how should they go about letting their guests know of the new dates?


Elle: "So, time is of the essence for this, I think you send out a quick text, email or calls just to let them know the new date and that you're postponing and you can go ahead and send out a formal card that you can mail to everybody's houses."


Question number 2: 
After the Coronavirus subsides, is there anything I should be doing differently in planning my wedding?


Elle: "So I think people are going to be a little weary when they go into weddings again. So, just making small gestures to let them know you thought about it, having hand sanitizer, ample soap in the bathroom, if you're planning on doing self-service buffets, maybe talk to your caterer about having an assigned server with gloves instead, the same thing for family-style, switching to french service something like that." 


Question number 3: 
How can I continue wedding planning when things are closed?


Elle: "So while things are physically closed, the people who run them are still working and they're still answering emails. So, now's actually the perfect time to send an email, get a proposal, and start panning away. I've actually seen florists that are doing virtual floral samples, which I think is brilliant. And I even had a client that went and picked up pre-packaged samples for their cake, so they were able to bring that back to their house and have a private cake tasting in their house. So there's actually a lot of stuff that you can be doing right now even though things are closed."

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