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Glassware is a vital barware that comes in new versatile styles and designs these days in the market. Choosing the right glassware is important to impress the guests by serving the savouring drink in the ideal glass. It also adds so much visual charm to the party table by complimenting the drink to a grand level. It is suggested to choose glassware based on the needs of your bar. 


These glasses have a stem between the bowl of the glass and foot. These are alluring pieces of glassware and are priced at higher rates. Read more to see the best examples for the most sought-after glasses that we have. They are used less frequently when compared to regular glasses. These glasses create a notable difference in the taste of the drinks and, give a nice feeling about your glassware.

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Red Wine Glass - A red wine is generally served in a larger bowl wine glass. It is because these augmented surfaces give the wine a better space to breathe by retaining the smell of the wine.

White Wine- White wine glasses require to be served in smaller glass bowls due to the temperature demands. These wines are served cold that is why narrow style is preferred.


Champagne - These glasses are available in unique size and designs to provide a seamless wine experience. The tall and sleek flute glass is the best fit for champagne as it maintains the bubble effect of the wine at the best level. The short and open glasses are not the best medium for serving champagne as they are prone to spillage of the wine easily.​


Coupe glass - The coupe glass is regularly seen in fine wine and cocktails bars and most will come out for varied Champagne cocktails. It remains very tied to Champagne though other sparkling wines, lesser so Prosecco, will be served with the coupe.



Stemless glasses are the younger brother/sister to the traditional wine glass. The stemless glass fits perfectly and comfortably in the palm of your hand. The glass is designed to hold both red and white wines alike, but it is argued that red wines benefit from the warmth of a person’s hand around the glass.

Stemless glasses are slightly similar in shape and size to whisky glasses and are easy to hold, offering a stable, solid grip. Stemless glasses differ in size, height and shape from brand to brand, but overall provide a unique and innovative way of serving red or white wines and even champagne. Stemless glasses are eye-catching. They are innovative in design, style and form. Ideal for contemporary  stylish events. Also, you can use stemless glasses for informal or formal entertaining.


Drinking wine can be appreciated with impressive glasses that transform the taste of the drink. Choose the right kind of glassware to create a striking difference in serving the wines to your guests. Visit our collection of glasswares HERE to see what best fits your event. You could also send us a DM if you need help with choosing one. See you on our next blog.

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