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A stylish dinnerware has the ability to elevate even the most modest of table setting, and that’s especially the case if you’re willing to invest in a smart, matching set that includes dinner plates, chargers or salad plates (don’t forget the stylish glassware and flatware.)


That said, if you have a creative eye, then we have a new collection of dinnerware that you might like to mix and match with complementary styles which will award your table a stylish, laid-back vibe, but one that’s no less inviting. Dull table elements can be given a new lease of life if paired with handmade, craft-driven plates that often lend themselves to an eclectic place setting scheme that’s unapologetic in its mix of style and function – the common thread being their charming handmade appeal. Scroll down to see our new collection of dinnerware that will surely be that backstory of your table setting. 


PEARL (1)_edited.png

The quickest way to elevate your dinner party in the glamour stakes is to add texture to your table, and this delicate pearl-beaded dinnerware will surely work wonders. This stylish dinnerware gives a timeless appeal that brings us back to the 18th century craze for beaded dinnerware. Ideal for elegant dining, this set works particularly well with any elegant centerpiece or candle holders like candelabrums, creating an opulent atmosphere for evening occasions.


The Pearl Beads featured in this dinnerware creates an accent that will bring elegance to your table and will exude all its charm when paired with solid-wood tables, soft neutral linens and dried flowers: It is an invitation to daydream and linger.


product photos_edited_edited.png

Matte colored dinnerware is a tableware trend that’s here to stay. This year, the demand for matte and neutral toned dinnerware was just as high as it always has been. This is because people are shifting to a more minimalist in style with simple neutral toned dinnerware giving a clean and simple base for meals to be served in their tablescape. 


So with that being said, we bring you our Moss Dinnerware. This earthy, moss green colored dinner plate has a deep color that breaks throughout the neutrality of its form. This piece celebrates a handcrafted texture with its matte colored exterior to update your table setting in an instant and gives the perfect shade for an elegant boho dining.  


This next dinnerware we’ll show you is a great alternative to your standard white glazed dinnerware. From the name cloud, the soft white color and clean design of this dinnerware , this dinnerware set is simple and elegant dinnerware that creates a unique interplay of form and function. 


The cloud white finish of this plate creates a nice contrast and hands out an artisanal look that allows you to create a relaxed and calm atmosphere for your table setting. Designed with aesthetics in mind, this piece has a fresh and modern take on dinnerware that is very stylish in its own simplicity.

Can’t get enough of these dinnerware? We still have a lot more in store for you! Check out our new arrivals HERE and let us inspire you with dinnerware that would fit your look, style and feel. And for more inspiration, check us out on Instagram where you can discover more inspiration for your table setting. See you on the next blog!

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