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Many of us consider Thanksgiving as an eating holiday, but that doesn't mean your space can't look good too. If you're looking to create a festive atmosphere that appeals to all the senses, we've got just the right table setting for you. Whether you're hosting a large or small dinner with your friends or family, a well-decorated table will convey a message of peace and gratitude that Thanksgiving represents. 

In this article, we'll feature our carefully curated Thanksgiving tablescape that ranges from neutral and lush to vibrant and exciting. From fall-appropriate color palettes to festive tablecloths, these table settings will prove that there's more than just one way to bring the Thanksgiving spirit to your table and no matter which one you like or choose, each of these designs is sure to be a hit at your Thanksgiving dinner. 

Miami Party Rentals - Thanksgiving Table
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Let's start with our Napa table. An organic, nature-inspired tablescape that brings the outdoors to your Thanksgiving dinner. This features our Sun Rattan chargers with bamboo accents, hues of soft blue from our unicorn blue dinnerware, and neutral tone from our bone-handled flatware. Also, this table is reminiscent of a vine-yard with warm earthy tones that blend and perfectly complement the colorful florals centerpiece. 


Next, we have Amsterdam. A modern take on the traditional Thanksgiving table setting that boasts a pop of color mixed with a touch of class. Featuring a Coral-inspired tangerine linen from Nuage Design Inc that compliment our Stone and Moon Eclipse dinnerware and our Classic Gold flatware. So, if you're looking to spice things up a bit this Thanksgiving, then this one's for you. 

TABLE 3 - Product Page 3.jpg

If you love bright colors, you'll love our Kampala table. This features a bright golden velluto that sets the stage for our Art Deco-inspired Oro dinnerware and White and Gold flatware. The burgundy, coral and yellow hues make the floral centerpiece of this table the center of the conversation. 

Miami Party Rentals - Thanksgiving Table
Miami Party Rentals - Thanksgiving Table

Lastly, we have our Nashville table. A natural autumnal-inspired tablescape bringing what would traditionally be used outdoors in an indoor setting with the neutral tones. This features the same Dinnerware, from our Kampala table but with a very different vibe to it. Both are tied together with this floral burgundy centerpiece that gives an interesting take on fall and shows that changing a linen can completely change the look of the table. So, depending on  how you put the linen down, it will completely change the look and feel of your place setting. 

Don't know which one to choose? Slide us a message and we'll help you pick what best suits your thanksgiving table. Click HERE to speak with us.

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