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Love in the Time of Coronavirus


As the effect of the coronavirus outbreak sets in and advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continue to encourage social distancing and restrict gatherings, weddings scheduled for the coming months have become a mess to manage, rather than a reason to celebrate. Whether you're currently planning your wedding or just attending a ceremony this year, you might be asking yourself questions about how the coronavirus could potentially impact your wedding and how you can plan further. As we approach spring, those who have organized weddings in the coming months will undoubtedly be feeling uncertain as to whether their nuptials will be able to push through. 


So, while everything remains uncertain in the current climate, it is important not to panic and never lose hope. There's always a way to get your nuptials back on track, and that's why I've created this series called Love in the Time of Coronavirus to help you answer some of the most pressing questions that brides and grooms have. And to help you out further on answering these questions, I am virtually interviewing Miami event planners to discuss how to plan your wedding during this strange time. During this series, we will discuss:


- When should I reschedule my wedding? 

- Should I re-think the design, look and feel of my wedding based on the seasons?

- Should I plan my future wedding?

- Should I send out Save The Dates?


We're also going to get some helpful tips and advice from these experts to make sure that your wedding will pan out as planned. Always remember that our goal, as with all COVID-19 measures, is to understand that you are not alone in these uncertain times, and the most crucial thing that everybody can commit to right now is locking down to stay healthy, keep yourselves and your guests safe, and minimize risks.

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