Villa Woodbine Wedding

Romantic Blue Charger + Modern Gold Flatware

Villa Woodbine can be best described as an Old World Miami mansion with a rustic Spanish twist. It boasts trees that engulf the property and invoke a true coconut grove vibe. The venue offers a private setting that feels like home with a charm of Mediterranean old glam.


On this wedding that we're featuring today, we're showing you how our Romantic Blue Charger plate paired with our Modern Gold Dinnerware adds a sophisticated look on the tabletop setting of this beautiful garden wedding reception. Thanks to the brilliant photos of the reception details captured by Alee, the owner of Alee Gleiberman Photography.

Miami can't really offer much of rustic venues and decor but as you can see through the photos, Villa Woodbine definitely delivers a very rustic scene for every lovers dream. If you love the architecture of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, this venue offers a more reasonably priced and intimate alternative. And FYI, Vizcaya and Villa Woodbine were designed by the same architect. 

Here's our Romantic Blue Charger Plate and Modern Gold Flatware giving a very classy and vintage look to this tabletop. Scroll through to see more details that you'll surely love.  

How can you go wrong with the vintage lace border that wraps around this plate? Pairing it with our modern gold flatware could turn a dull tabletop into a stunner. This isn't just ideal for beautiful weddings like this, it's perfect for baby showers and bridal parties as well. If you need more ideas with your party you could click HERE and we'll help you out with planning the perfect tabletop for you. 

We are so grateful to have our plates and flatware used on this beautiful Villa Woodbine Wedding. Just like what you've seen on the photos, you too can have a glamorous tabletop for your special event. Click HERE to view more in our collection.

Photos from Alee Gleiberman Photography. You could also visit their Instagram and Facebook page for more information. 



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