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Earth Charger

Nestled amidst the swaying palms and crystal-clear waters of the Florida Keys, Bakers Cay Resort played host to an unforgettable wedding celebration. Golden Pineapple Events, renowned for their impeccable coordination, brought this dreamy wedding to life. From the table settings to the breathtaking florals, every detail was carefully curated to create an atmosphere of earthy elegance.

Table Setting: Where Beauty Meets Functionality

The table setting was the heart of this celebration. It was crafted to reflect the couple's style. Earth Chargers, a unique and sustainable touch, added warmth and texture to each place setting. Their organic feel complimented the natural surroundings of Bakers Cay Resort beautifully.

Transitioning between courses was seamless, thanks to the well-thought-out placement of each element. Guests marveled at the fusion of style and functionality that adorned their tables.

Floral Magic: A symphony of color

Jacqueline Barnes, the floral virtuoso, transformed the venue into a lush garden of enchantment. Her arrangements were a sight to behold. A mix of tropical blooms and delicate flowers added vibrant pops of color to the wedding decor.

From the bridal bouquet to the centerpieces, every floral creation by Jacqueline was a masterpiece, resonating with the couple's love and nature's beauty.

Rentals that redefined luxury:

Keys Audio Party Rentals and BBJ La Tavola deserve a standing ovation for their contributions. From elegant dinnerware to comfortable seating arrangements, their rentals set the stage for a comfortable and luxurious celebration.


The Earth Chargers, in particular, were the talk of the evening, as they beautifully complemented the overall decor. Their eco-friendly appeal added a unique touch that resonated with the environmentally conscious couple.

Capturing Every Emotion :

Sunny Lee, the talented photographer behind the lens, ensured that every precious moment was immortalized. Her keen eye and artistic perspective captured the essence of the day, from the brides' emotional vows to the heartfelt toasts and laughter-filled moments.

Sunny's photographs will serve as cherished mementos for the brides, reminding them of their special day for years to come.

Live Painting by Talia Garcia: A Unique Keepsake


Talia Garcia, the live painter, added an element of surprise and charm to the wedding. As guests danced and celebrated, she transformed the atmosphere into a canvas of emotions. The live painting captured the essence of the day, providing the newlyweds with a unique keepsake that will forever remind them of their special day.


This unforgettable wedding at Bakers Cay Resort, expertly coordinated by Golden Pineapple Events, was a true testament to the power of detail and creativity. From the Earth Chargers to the stunning florals and the talent of Jacqueline Barnes, Keys Audio Party Rentals, BBJ La Tavola, Sunny Lee, and Talia Garcia, each contributor played a vital role in crafting an event that will live on in cherished memories.


Planning and Design:  The Golden Pineapple Event Co.

Venue: Bakers Cay Resort

Photographer: Sunny Lee

Videographer: Falcon HD Videos

Venue: Baker's Cay Resort Key Largo

Florist: Jacqueline Barnes

Hair and Makeup: Beauty By Bler

Entertainment: Jade Strings | Music Collective

Rentals: Keys Audio Party Rentals

BBJ La Tavola

Live Painter: Talia Garcia, Live Wedding & Event Painter

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