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Fabulous Fall Tablescape Using Pumpkins

Pumpkins are perfect fall decorations. They tie into autumn’s harvest theme while also matching the season’s color palette. To use these organic ornaments for your fall tablescape, we've gathered some wonderful ideas and an assortment of inspiration for your fall tablescape. 

This shoot was the brainchild of Roberto Ferrer of Petra Flower Design. They kindly asked us to partner with them to create Inspiration for the holidays and here’s the outcome of this lovely photoshoot that took place. Scroll down for more.

Fall is when farmers gather their crops, so it’s traditionally been associated with abundance. Pay homage to this tradition by decorating your table with fruits, vegetables, berries, and gourds. This first table features an alternative of artificial fruits and pumpkin in neutral colors for a lasting beauty. Our Moon Eclipse Dinnerware matched with our Classic Gold Flatware adds class to this bountiful table. If your arrangement is looking sparse, try filling it out with tea lights for a plentiful look.

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Fall Tablescape Inspiration

While orange, red, and yellow are great for any fall tablescape, using a more neutral palette is also welcome. For a stylish blend of refreshing and exquisite decor, mix lush neutral toned centerpiece with golden accents like our Oro Dinnerware and White and Gold Flatware. A earth-toned table cloth is also important to complete the autumn feel of the table.

Fall Tablescapes
Elegant Fall Tablescapes

This tablescape is a mixed between natural elements from our Sun Chargers and White and Gold flatware. The tablecloth and napkins also perfectly complimented the table setting with the ornate details around it, making this a very classy yet homey table setting.


To create a table with balance, alternate between produced and hand-made details. Here the centerpiece and our Heart Charger provide that balance.

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas
Fall Tablescapes with Pumpkins

Alternating between shiny and hand-made details helps to keep your table looking interesting. And I love how the centerpiece fit right in with our Heart Charger and the rest of the table decor.

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Hand-woven Chargers

For those tropical climates (or those who want to “feel the sand beneath their toes” despite freezing weather outside, consider tropical table decor. Our Leaf Dinnerware adds a pop of color while large flamboyant arrangements of pumpkins, fruits, and leaves are perfect for bringing cheerful autumn appeal to your dinnerware, flatware, and elegant table linens. This refined fall table setting is great for your Thanksgiving dinner, but you don’t have to wait for Turkey Day to use it. You can start setting it up when the leaves start to drop and let it beautify your dining room all season long.

Tropical Fall Tablescape
Tablescapes for fall

For this table, Petra Flower Design chose pink and gold as the motif of the tablescape. Pink tablecloths mixed with pops of gold from our Classic Gold Flatware and Goldie charger. The centerpiece also has an elegant addition to table with the stack of gold painted pumpkins, fruits and leaves.

Pink Tablescape for Fall
Pink Tablescape for Thanksgiving

This blue thanksgiving table décor is really set off by the great combination of the tablecloth, silver and gold tones, and the earthy texture from our Sun Charger. Look how much style creeps in this table when all these elements come together. It's effortless but still drop-dead gorgeous for fall making us adore it just by looking at it.

Blue Tablescape for Fall
Blue Tablescape for Thanksgiving
Gorgeous Blue Tablescape for Thanksgiving

So what do you guys think of all these fall tablescape that Petra Flower Design and Pialisa had for you? By the amount of pictures we took, you can tell that we're obsessed with it! We wanted to create a simple Thanksgiving table but that also included some of our favorite colors and decor that perfectly resonates autumn. Even with everything going on this year, there are still plenty to be thankful for. I’m thankful that my family has been healthy so far this year. I hope you enjoy a blessed day with yours! See you on our next blog!

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