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Moon Eclipse + Romantic Blue Dinnerware + White and Gold Flatware

Hanukkah is here that’s why we wanted to share this special blog with you. We’re so happy to be able to create this table for everyone who’s hosting this special occasion with their loved ones. For most, it’s still just about the religious component, for others, the lights, and for everyone, the gathering of loved ones. Bring on the latkes, dreidels and everything that goes along with eight days of Hanukkah traditions. 


Hanukkah - along with Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur - are significant Jewish holidays. Although, we most commonly hear about Hanukkah due to its proximity to Christmas. In more recent years, there’s been a blend of Judaism and Christianity in some households (let’s just call it “Chrismukkah”) yet whether you are a traditional homestead or a blended home, we support celebrations of all colors, shapes and sizes.

Hannukah Tablescape Inspiration
Miami Party Rentals
White and Blue Tablescape Inspiration

When it comes to the deciding on the decor for a Hanukkah table, we chose an elegant wood table with pops of color. Dinnerware in beautiful shades of blue, white and gold accompanied by gorgeous candle holders with and plain white napkins set the tone. Clear champagne and wine glasses add a special touch to go with the holiday. Don’t you want to light your Menorah and grab a seat with us?

Hannukah Tablescape
White and Blue tablescape florals

Making your tablescape extra special is easy. Mix our Romantic Blue Charger with our Moon Eclipse dinnerware makes any Hanukkah table festive and inviting. We love the subtle touch of blue, gold and white that is in the spirit of the holiday without being over-the-top. Plus these gorgeous centerpiece florals from Let's Bloom Floral tie everything up together.

When choosing you flatware, you can never go wrong with white and gold for your Hanukkah table (or any other holiday). Our White and Gold flatware binds this elegant Hanukkah table with its classy color.

White and Blue Tablescape
White and Gold Tablescape

Setting the tone is most important for a wonderful party. A Hanukkah table can be fancy, formal or playful. Use this opportunity let your creativity shine  and enjoy the holiday! For more inspiration visit our blogs to spark that creativity inside you.

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