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Episode 2 with Masi Events

Illustrated By Francis Barczyk

Our guest on this episode of Love in the Time of Coronavirus is Jessica from Masi Events. They have been in business in the South Florida destination wedding market for more than 12 years. They enjoy establishing a long lasting friendship with their clients and being trusted throughout the planning process. 


So today, we're going to talk a little bit more about how to plan and organize your wedding during the Coronavirus pandemic, and Jessica is going to answer whether it's kosher to send out Save-The-Dates during the current situation, should you continue planning your 2021 wedding or festivities such as host your bridal shower. Here's the video transcription of my interview with her:


Question number 1: 
Is it insensitive to send out 'save the date's' during this time? 


Jessica: "This is a personal preference, what might feel right for you might not feel right for others. We've had clients, unfortunately directly impacted by the virus and have decided to wait, while others are really excited to give their guest hope and something to look forward to." 


Question number 2: 
I'm recently engaged and would love to start the planning process, is it too soon?

Jessica: "It's absolutely not too soon to start the planning process. We would suggest starting by compiling your guest list, gathering addresses and emails as well as gathering inspiration photos and interviewing wedding planners. This is a great time to get a trusted planner on board so you can make good and confident decisions."


Question number 3: 
I was planning on having a bridal shower, but now I'm not so sure. What should I do? 


Jessica: "You should definitely still have your bridal shower. Even if it's through Zoom. A great idea would be to mail out your guests a bottle of champagne or order some goodies from a local bakery to support a small business and even though we're all so physically distancing, now more than ever, we are wanting to stay connected socially." 

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