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Black and Gold Flatware + White Dinnerware

When it comes to creating unforgettable wedding experiences, Masi Events knows just how to make dreams come true. Our recent wedding event was nothing short of magical, with an emphasis on elegant simplicity that left everyone in awe.

The Setting:

This magnificent wedding unfolded at the picturesque beachside oasis of The Confidante Miami Beach. With its stunning oceanfront views and white sandy shores, it was the ideal canvas for a dreamy seaside celebration. Masievents transformed this already enchanting space into a coastal wonderland that will forever be etched in the memories of those who attended.

Table Settings:

We believe that a beautifully set table is the heart of any wedding reception. For this event, a timeless yet contemporary style, featuring exquisite blue linens was chosen. These linens were custom-crafted by the renowned Lindroth in collaboration with Tavola, the expert rental provider, which added an extra layer of sophistication to our table settings. The carefully chosen color palette, encompassing deep blues, hints of rich reds, and pristine whites, set the stage for a celebration that exuded both opulence and elegance.

The star of the show? Our exquisite Black and Gold Flatware, a testament to the luxury we bring to every detail. This flatware introduced a sumptuous touch to the tables, casting a spellbinding contrast against the pristine blue tablecloth, complemented by the rattan chargers. Not to be overlooked, the inclusion of pristine white dinnerware completed this tableau of refinement. It's the meticulous attention to these finer details that truly elevates the overall experience, and this choice was no exception.


Floral arrangements played a pivotal role in enhancing the wedding's ambiance.  Each table was graced with opulent centerpieces that tumbled in a lavish display, showcasing a harmonious blend of English garden roses, anemones, spray roses, and dahlias, all thoughtfully curated by Julia Rohde Designs. These blooms brought a sense of romance and timeless beauty to the setting, creating an atmosphere that was both warm and inviting.


Candles, known for their ability to create an enchanting ambiance, were used abundantly throughout the venue. Tall, rattan candle holders with white candles lined the tables, providing a soft, romantic glow. The dance floor was surrounded by flickering candles in glass hurricane vases, adding to the enchantment of the evening.

As the sun began to set, the venue transformed into a paradise. The combined effect of the carefully chosen table settings, the enchanting florals, and the soft candlelight created an atmosphere that left guests spellbound. The wedding became a symphony of elegance and romance, perfectly reflecting the couple's love story.


Our recent wedding event, brought to life by Masievents, was a testament to the power of simplicity and attention to detail. From the striking black and gold flatware that graced our tables to the ethereal florals and the soft, inviting glow of candles, every element came together seamlessly. If you're planning your own dream wedding, remember that every detail matters, and it's those thoughtful touches that will make your day truly exceptional.

Planner: Masi Events

Photography: Merari Teruel Photography

Venue: The Confidante Miami Beach

Rentals: Tavola Tabletop

Nuage Designs Inc.

Accessories: Amanda Lindroth Design

Island Wrapped Votives: Lindroth 

Island Wrapped Hurricane Large: Lindroth 

Florals: Julia Rohde Designs

Wedding Cake: Cloud 9 Bakery

Wedding Dress: The Find Bridal

Groom's Attire: Sartori Amici

Make-up: Alicia Lewis

Hair: Seventh Level Salon + Spa

Vintage Car: Miami Vintage Prop Cars

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