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Episode 1 with Orange + Rose Events

Illustrated by: Angelina Bambina

Our guest on this episode of Love in the Time of Coronavirus is Liz Ryan. She owns a boutique planning firm based in New York City and Miami called Orange + Rose Events, having planned weddings everywhere from Paris to Tuscany, Rhode Island and Connecticut.


In this episode, Liz is going to help me answer some of the most pressing questions brides and grooms are asking themselves. we'll discuss when is the safest date for you to reschedule your wedding, should you change it if it's not under the quarantine restrictions, and will you need to reconceptualize your weddings design look and feel. 


Here's the video transcription of my interview with her:


Question number 1: 
When should I reschedule my wedding for?


Liz: "So, obviously without being able to tell the future and how things are gonna pan out with the Coronavirus and what the US Government is going to put in place, I would say no sooner than fall. Like September, October at the earliest." 


Question number 2: 
If my wedding is not under the quarantine restrictions, should I consider changing my date?


Liz: "Depending on what month you wedding is planned for, I would definitely just talk to my planner, venue and vendors to put a back up date in place in case you end up needing to move things, at least you have a plan B ready to go and you're not going to be stressed in trying to move things really quickly." 


Question number 3: 
Will I need to re-think the design, look and feel of my wedding? 


Liz: "I'd say, try to keep as much of the design, look and feel that you thought through for your wedding, take some power over Coronavirus, but if you have something super specifically spring or summer, like Cherry Blossoms or Peonies I would maybe talk to my floral designer and planner and just think of some creative back up options." 

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