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There’s just 2 short weeks until we make like a turkey and stuff ourselves with a Thanksgiving feast. With so many delicious options on the menu, you may have dreams of mashed potatoes, turkey, cranberry sauce and Thanksgiving pumpkin pie on your mind all November long. But before all of the fun and feasting begins, you need to prepare and set the table! Luckily, we’ve curated the most inspiring Thanksgiving tablescapes to make your celebration more delightful. Scroll down to see what we’ve curated just for you.

We start off with this autumnal tablescape. We kept things simple but elegant with an orange striped tablecloth and natural elements on top of it. Our centerpiece is simply a Evergreen with glass candle holders to tie in with our autumnal color palette. 

TABLE 2-18.jpg
TABLE 2-21.jpg

Our Moon Eclipse dinnerware and Earth Charger have neutral white and gold tones of white, and our Bone Flatware brings earthiness and autumnal charm to the table. This place-setting is layered with a natural toned charger, white and gold plates, topped with a very simple white linen napkin.


The white plates are great to have on hand for every season. They are a blank canvas that allow the food to shine, and can be reinvented time again with colorful accent plates and linens to suit any occasion.

TABLE 2-12.jpg
TABLE 2-23.jpg

Don't let the simple design of this tablescape fool you. From the classic striped linen to the marble and gold dinnerware, these pieces turn dinnertime into a special occasion. Beautiful linens are the quickest way to make dinner for two at home feel like a special moment.

TABLE 2-8.jpg

Is there anything more fun than White and Gold dinnerware, and a pop of color? We certainly don’t think so. This table setting is chic yet easy breezy to put together. Our Stone and Moon Eclipse Dinnerware, and White and Gold flatware set the stage, while simple glassware and a mustard napkin pull the whole thing together.

TABLE 2-5.jpg

The reason why this place-setting shines is because the delicate yellow florals. It’s easy to arrange one yourself (we did!) with some simple marble vase from Home Goods but shhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone! That being said, if you green thumb is really black, you can outsource this to a local florist, and pour yourself a glass of wine instead.

TABLE 2-4.jpg

I spent my Thanksgiving in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, so this next tablescape draws on inspiration from my childhood. Our next placesetting is nature-inspired, with earthy florals by My Sophistichic, we chose our Oro dinnerware for the right blend of glamour and relaxation.

TABLE 2-41.jpg
TABLE 2-51.jpg

Polished elements, like our Classic Gold Flatware, Oro Dinnerware, and pink, burgundy, and orange centerpiece, stand out against this neutral toned tablecloth. 

The geometric rim of our Oro plate adds a dynamic twist on the classic white and gold palette. And it certainly doesn't disappoint in this elegant table setting. A 1970s inspired, vintage-looking brass vase and ribbed candleholders add texture and understated sparkle.

TABLE 2-42.jpg
TABLE 2-44.jpg

Blue is what we normally think of as a spring and summer looking dinnerware. But did you know it's also perfect for your Fall or Thanksgiving table setting? This next tablescape will show you why.

TABLE 2-55.jpg

The color blue may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your Thanksgiving dinner, which is exactly why we'd encourage you to give it a try. A classic chinoiserie theme never goes out of style! Accompanied by our white and gold dinnerware, charger and pink floral centerpieces, the subtle blue linen sets the table and gives your guests an unexpected twist on the traditional tablescape.

TABLE 2-59.jpg

Our handmade Sun Charger is woven from Rattan gives off a “fall-vibe alive” feeling. It's topped with our Moon Eclipse dinnerware and paired with our Classic Gold Flatware that gives a modern elegant vibe to this table.

TABLE 2-57.jpg

If you would like a blue and white Thanksgiving tablescape, you must consider getting one or two white chinoiserie vases (depending on your table size). We bought ours from our friends at The Masi Collection.

TABLE 2-60.jpg

Fixing up your fall table this Thanksgiving means more than amazing home cooked meals. Focus on fall trends and colors. In this next table, we’ll show an easy DIY centerpiece - best of all, it’s fun and easy to design with kids! This Thanksgiving tablescape that features White and Gold, natural textures and pops of red and orange for that fall feeling.

TABLE 2-32.jpg

Wonder what's the trick to this simple and effortlessly charming table setting? Start with our Oro geometric dinnerware, and layer it with our Sun hand woven rattan charger. Next, instead of garlands or floral centerpieces, try pomegranates, mandarins or even be playful with some vegetables, for a bountiful centerpiece.

TABLE 2-26.jpg
TABLE 2-27.jpg

It’s natural, rustic charm at it’s finest — especially if you add some bountiful harvest as your centerpiece. Incorporate the harvest into your Thanksgiving tablescape by lining the table with freshly-picked apples and plums or any fruit that has some rich color in it. Also inexpensive, easy-to-find pillar candles add height.

TABLE 2-35.jpg
TABLE 2-27.jpg
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